Origin Story

In 2011, I went to a speakeasy in California. The bartender made a 'penicillin', and it was, without a doubt, the best drink I had ever had. More than that, it was an experience, a special creation by someone who treated their craft like an artform.

Soon after, I bought a citrus press and cocktail shaker, and began experimenting with cocktails from all over the world. We called it the 'Mixology Lab', and close friends and family would gather for a speakeasy experience at home.

From there, we honed our skills at private events in Connecticut. Our recipes evolved, and we discovered ways to improve taste, quality and nutrition.

Now, Art of Pour is no longer exclusively available at high-end private events. It's available in a bottle.

I invite you to try Art of Pour, and toast to your accomplishments. Cheers!

-Alexander Brent, President & Founder, Art of Pour.